At Prince's Gardens Preparatory School, we have one aim, to give each pupil an education which enables them to flourish.

By focusing on academic excellence, character development and the nurturing of a global perspective, we equip children for all the challenges that life can offer.

We want to foster a love of learning within each child, for them to be curious and ambitious so that they leave us confident and excited about the future.

Everything we do is aimed at fostering a belief in oneself and in others, a commitment to doing our best and collaborating with other people to help them do theirs. By emphasising the importance of personal integrity, hard work, being kind and showing respect, we inspire our pupils to make a difference throughout their lives.

  • Use the wealth of local resources such as outdoor facilities and museums that exist on our doorstep, to enhance our education and inspire a love of learning
  • A learning experience which fosters empathy through working, exploring and playing together with understanding and compromise
  • A dynamic and varied programme of extra-curricular activities which enables each pupil to develop the skills to step out confidently in every situation
  • A rich, exciting curriculum which instils high standards and delivers strong academic outcomes
  • Rigorous preparation for the next stage in education at 11+ to ensure entry to superb senior schools in London and beyond
  • Excellent and motivating teaching designed to encourage pupils to become reflective learners and skilful, confident communicators
  • To provide an education which enables each child to flourish - to develop well rounded, resilient individuals through the provision of a broad curriculum and a diverse extra-curricular programme
  • A close working partnership between home and school to support every child and ensure they make the most of their time at Prince’s Gardens
  • To develop global citizens of the future who respect and value their own and other cultures, demonstrate sensitivity and tolerance to those from different backgrounds and traditions, and appreciate diversity and the need to work together to contribute to our local and global communities

The Cognita way

Cognita schools provide a uniquely global education that goes beyond grades to develop all-round academic excellence.

We pride ourselves on building resilient minds and encouraging positive, international perspectives.

Underpinning this is ‘The Cognita Way’ – six focal points we know to be present in the most successful schools: energised leadership, personalised learning, people growth, community, innovation and brilliant basics.

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