Have you heard of the ‘iGeneration’? It is a term used to define the generation born at a time of increased media consumption, technology use and electronic communication. Although children growing up in a world immersed in technology has been looked at negatively for reasons such as the impact on socialisation, there is also great hope for the iGeneration. Due to their knowledge of technology and power to harness it in everyday life, in the future, they may be at the forefront of major technological changes in the industries they choose to enter into.

It is this iGeneration then who will be the ones who will benefit from technology advancements in education. They will gain more learning from experiences of ‘doing’ and using technology. The innate inquisitiveness of young people will be a real advantage to them in this context, as they happily touch buttons and handle technology as if it were an extension of themselves. So how do we nurture this generation of game changers? With maker spaces!


In essence, a Maker Space is an innovative working area where pupils can come together to work on an idea and make it a reality. This learning zone allows pupils to take risks with their thinking, to start to trust their own ideas, to build and create and help solve problems. It also gives pupils the ability to ‘tinker’ with a problem, giving space to test multiple ideas. Maker Spaces help in the development of future skills needed in pupils and young adults; creativity, emotional intelligence, problem solving and communication. It gives them a growth mindset, where failure is part of the process. It’s a space which initiates questioning and discussion amongst students as it encourages collaboration.

Maker Spaces also encourage use of both digital and non-digital technologies. Equipment in the room at Prince’s Gardens will include 3D printers, robotics, green screen, Lego and creative arts materials, all of which provide a foundation from which to build pupils’ hands-on creativity. Through using the equipment, children become adaptive learners with the ability to think expansively and critically through feedback, directing their own learning at their own pace and integrating that with traditional methods for a rounded experience.

We are delighted that there will be a Maker Space in Prince’s Gardens Preparatory School and greatly look forward to seeing the different ways our pupils will benefit from the space from September 2020. You can get a real feel for the Maker Space by exploring our virtual tour.