We were delighted to find out that we have been selected as one of the five finalists in the Muddy Stiletto's Best School 2022 Competition for 'Originality in Teaching Music and the Arts', and that wasn't the only lovely surprise - we have also been Highly Commended in the 'Best Experiential Learning' category, where we focused on the amazing experiential learning that takes place in our Makerspace.

Winners will be announced 14th June so keep an eye on the Muddy Stilettos website: muddystilettos.co.uk/best-schools-awards

Originality in Teaching Music and the Arts

In planning for the opening of Prince’s Gardens in September 2020, we had the exciting and daunting task of developing the music curriculum for a forward thinking 21st century prep school.

We were able to reflect on what aspects of traditional practice still meet the needs of today’s children and which of the best ideas from recent trends in music education should be incorporated into our curriculum.

At Prince’s Gardens we sought to develop a music curriculum that would introduce all children to a range of orchestral musical instruments, alongside singing in their class music lessons and leading off from this encourage them to take part in a wide range of musical ensembles.

In doing so, we hope to develop our children’s critical thinking skills, as they master the technical challenges of learning an instrument, confidence, as they work towards regular performance opportunities, collaboration, as they work with others, and of course creativity, as we encourage them to think how to put together their best musical performance.

Best Experiential Learning

Within our curriculum we encourage creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving. When designing the school we wanted to create a dedicated physical space that would help children to engage in and develop these skills and the Makerspace allows us to enrich our curriculum in an exciting way.

It is important to us that our Makerspace can support a STEAM education with hand-on learning, giving students the space to explore science, technology, engineering, arts and maths, allowing them to develop projects that span these.

All pupils in the school have regular time in the Makerspace; from Pre-Reception all the way up to Year 6. Pupils have developed skills such as creative and critical thinking, how to work together and how to learn from their mistakes, and they have had experiences that they would not have been able to have had the Makerspace not been constructed. We believe that being able to inspire a love of learning in the Makerspace helps children to be curious, brave, think outside the box and helps develop great leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

Thank you to Muddy Stilettos. we can't wait to see the final results!