This week, to celebrate Mars Day and our closest planetary neighbour in the solar system, Year 4 spent part of the morning at the Natural History Museum – with the entire museum to themselves! Invited to join an out-of-this-world workshop led by leading experts and Earth Scientists (including Head of Collections Professor Caroline Smith) the interactive experience was an introduction to space and beyond, teaching the pupils key facts about the red planet, how to handle a variety of meteorites and Martian rock samples, before giving them a close-up view of the Martian surface installation created by artist, Luke Jerram.

Here at Prince’s Gardens, we’re passionate about embracing London as our classroom. Being situated in South Kensington, our school is just a short stroll away from city landmarks, world renowned museums and galleries, as well as plenty of green spaces just minutes from our very own doorstop. This means our pupils regularly attend the latest indoor and outdoor exhibitions, displays and activities in the local area, showcasing how we strive to embed stimulating experiences into our curriculum to enhance our pupils’ love of learning.

Find out more about the Mars Day celebrations at the Natural History Museum here:

Thank you to the Natural History Museum for inviting us to celebrate Mars Day with them and to the leading experts for fascinating us all with your amazing findings!