For life.

At Prince's Gardens Preparatory School, we believe that whilst a good education begins in the classroom, it certainly doesn't end there.

Happy, well-rounded individuals with the social and personal skills to step confidently into life’s journey are what we aspire to produce.

We deliver this through a programme of extra-curricular clubs, trips, projects, fundraisers and workshops just as wide-ranging and stimulating as the work we do during the school day.

Character development

Equipping young people to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world is vital.

Education for our children incorporates values, ethics, emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility. We encourage positive behaviour, good manners and instil in pupils a moral compass and skills in understanding and interacting with other people.

Our education extends far beyond the classroom and incorporates stretching trips, excursions, clubs and enrichment activities to build critical life skills and broaden the educational experience for all children.

Activities and extra-curricular clubs

At Prince's Gardens Preparatory School, we have a broad programme of extra-curricular clubs.

We encourage our children to explore their passions and pursue a wide range of interests. Pupils can participate in a range of clubs such as creative writing, ballet, philosophy, yoga, Mandarin, cookery, drama, dance, outdoor exploration, science, choir singing and music ensembles; as well as a whole range of sports clubs including football, netball, fitness, judo and rugby.

Outdoor exploration at Prince's Gardens Prep

House system

Our traditional House system is designed to bring together older and younger pupils.

Each House adopts a local charity for whom they hold termly fundraisers and get involved in community action projects. In doing so, children are encouraged to take an active interest in the lives and needs of others.

Pupils come together in their houses for friendly competitions in activities like sport, music, art and poetry recitals.

Pupil leadership

Pupils are actively involved in shaping our school community and are encouraged to share their views and opinions.

Children as young as Reception age have a voice on our school council, and other positions of responsibility include Form Captains and Vice Captains, Heads of House, Head Boy/Girl, Prefects, Librarians, Sports and Games Captains and Head of Choir.

We also appoint digital ambassadors, eco-councillors and community action leaders, all relevant for today’s world.

Trips, residentials and workshops

Across the year groups, the school has developed a series of day and residential trips.

Both day and residential trips help promote the children's increasing independence, flexibility, collaboration and emotional intelligence.

They include overnight stays:

  • Cuffley Woods, Hertfordshire
  • Bushcraft camping, Hertfordshire
  • Outward bound stay
  • Optional ski trip from Year 3 upwards
Trips, Residentials, Workshops at Prince's Gardens Prep

Links with the Community

Pupils are encouraged to be socially outward looking and to develop a sense of responsibility for their community by helping others.

The school has good links with local charities through our strong relationship with The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation. The charities we support visit the school, speaking regularly in assemblies.

We visit St Stephen’s Church in Gloucester Road at Harvest when pupils donate food parcels to the local foodbank and we hold an annual Christmas celebration at the church.

Global mindset and celebrating diversity

As we prepare our children to be leaders throughout the world, we're keen to encourage them to develop positive, international perspectives.

Assemblies, RE lessons and special whole school events enable the children to learn about different cultures, lifestyles and the importance of respecting each other's differences.

From Year 4 upwards, weekly current affairs lessons encourage pupils to discuss and debate topical issues from around the world. Mandarin is taught as an additional language. As part of the Cognita global family of schools, the children have opportunities to link up via technology enabled classrooms to pupils across the globe.

Enrichment at Princes Gardens Prep

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